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Runner and Beer lover

 Hello all and welcome to 26.brew!

My wife and I are runners that also love beer. All of our friends who run lover beer as well so we just wanted to bring together our love for both Running and Beer. Here it is! 

There is nothing better than enjoying a great beer after a run or especially a race that you have been training hard for. You put a lot of time, effort, and sweat into your training. We feel you should treat your post-run beverage a little special and enjoy it in one of our glasses. We came up with the 26.brew while out running one day and then my wife came up with the 13.done while sitting at the kitchen table one evening, after a run of course. Great thinking always follows a good run. 

We have other items for your running / drinking pleasure too. Stickers, t-shirts, and State of Ohio coasters are our first offerings with much more to come soon. 

We are so excited to get this venture off the ground. Please share this with all your running friends. We live in Ohio so that is why we started out with an Ohio line of glasses and coasters. There will be more states to come soon too. If you have friends in other states let me know where they live. We have some thoughts on where lots of other runners live and run but we would like your help in finding out where the passionate runner / beer drinkers are.

Thank you so much for your time reading this and for your purchase. We are hoping to really grow this into an exciting, fun venture and to connect with runners all over the world.

Have a great run and a better beer.