Runners who love Beer
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About us

We are Runners who LOVE Beer. We have a suspicion that you might be too. We started this business to bring together our love for both. My name is Steve Calhoun and my wife is Pam. I have been running since 1992 and I love it. It allows me to clear my head, find my center, and challenge my body and mind. I love to enjoy a really good beer after a run and all of my friends do as well. In fact, almost every runner I know loves beer too. We are passionate about both and knew we just had to bring these two things together.

We live in Ohio, which explains why the Ohio products are our first line. There will be more states and even countries to follow. We train and race on the roads and trails not only in Ohio but all over. We know there are plenty of Running Beer Lovers out there so join us won't you.

I want to give a special shout out to my running buddies Jim and Andrew. They inspire me every time we run and we always have fun. Thanks for the friendship boys.

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Send me a picture of you enjoying your post-run beer in one of our glasses and I'll post it up for all to enjoy. Thanks all and Happy Running and Drinking!